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MedPlex MD Injury portal


Our portal is an innovative software solution meticulously crafted to elevate communication and foster collaboration between MedPlexMD Injury and our valued patient's attorneys. Recognizing the distinct requirements of legal professionals, CaseConnect is specifically designed limit the amount of communication and confusion out of a patient's documentation. 


Our portal is a feature-rich solution designed to enhance collaboration and streamline communication between MedPlexMD Injury and our patient's attorneys. These six key features provide a robust platform for attorneys, promoting efficiency and ensuring a seamless integration of medical expertise into legal strategy for the benefit of your clients and cases.


Efficient Document Management

Simplify the exchange of critical medical documents with a secure and centralized platform, reducing administrative overhead and fostering seamless collaboration between our medical experts and your legal team.


User-friendly Interface

Navigate the portal effortlessly with an intuitive and user-friendly interface, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of attorneys. Access and retrieve information with ease, saving valuable time for your legal team.


Advanced Search & Retrieval

Expedite information retrieval with CaseConnect's advanced search features. Access relevant medical information, reports, and documentation quickly, empowering your legal team to construct robust cases with precision.

MedPlex MD Injury portal


24/7 Accessibility


Confidentiality Assurance


Streamlined Communication

Enjoy the flexibility of 24/7 access, allowing your legal team to stay informed and engaged with your cases at any time and from anywhere.

Ensure the confidentiality of sensitive medical information with secure access to our portal. Benefit from a platform that prioritizes the security and privacy of patient data.

Establish a direct and secure communication channel between attorneys and our medical professionals. Receive real-time updates on case progress, ask questions, and facilitate prompt responses for a streamlined legal process.

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